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BCF Sponsors Belvedere’s 125th Birthday Bash

The Belvedere Park gazebo became a wine bar and food trucks serving delicious dinners took over the basketball court as Belvedere celebrated 125 years of civic life on September 4.  Children chased bubbles on the lawn, while kids of all ages enjoyed popcorn.  Hadley Construction provided their tricked-out truck as a stage for live music.  Mayor James Campbell addressed the revelers, recounting stories from Belvedere’s early years, while party organizers Adam Gavzer and Sandy Donnell reminded everyone of why we love Belvedere.  Thanks to everyone who donated wine and to Anne Feinberg, whose decorations transformed the gazebo into a giant birthday cake.  An open-air screening of “The Princess Bride” capped off the evening.  Supporting and celebrating our special community is what BCF is all about, and we were thrilled to be the lead sponsor of this wonderful event.  Photos by Jeffery Stein.


Thank You Golden Gate Lane Donors



Golden Gate Lane offers sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge as it drops 180 steps from the 300 block of Golden Gate Avenue to Belvedere Avenue below. The lane was unimproved and was in danger of disappearing altogether until the Parks and Open Space Committee identified it as the first lane to be restored as part of the Belvedere Public Lanes Initiative. Work on the lane was completed in 2020 and landscaping is planned for completion in spring of 2021, after the unsightly power poles are removed.

BCF Board President Sue Hoeschler presented a check to the City on Valentine’s Day for $194,500, the total of a $50,000 grant from BCF and funds raised through BCF from private donors. Play the video above to view our thank you to the 18 civic-minded donors who contributed to this beautiful addition to our community.

BCF Board President Sue Hoeschler and Mayor James Campbell celebrate our community’s contribution to the restoration of Golden Gate Lane


March 1 Grant Deadline Is Just Around The Corner

Do you have a local project that needs funding? The deadline for spring grant applications is Monday, March 1, 2021. Use the forms provided on this website to submit your grant proposal electronically. Click on the “Apply for a Grant” box below to get started. We look forward to reviewing your proposal!

Volunteers ready the ground during 2017 Clean and Green Day

A relaxed afternoon at 2018 Concerts-In-The-Park

Peter Andersen Remembers Jan with Gift to BCF

Belvedere lost an indefatigable contributor to our civic life when Janet Irene “Jan” Andersen passed away on March 18, 2020.  The Andersens moved to Belvedere in 1997 and immediately fell in love with Belvedere’s beautiful views and winding lanes and stairways.  A passionate gardener who knew the name of every tree, shrub, and flower on her hillside sanctuary, Jan was a member of the Belvedere Parks and Open Space Committee for sixteen years.  She subsequently served on the Planning Commission, giving back to her community with energy and good humor.  A supportive Advisory Trustee of BCF until her death, Jan also served as a BCF Trustee, including as Chair of BCF’s core committee, Grants.  The City Council honored her with the Belvedere Community Spotlight Award for excellence in community service in 2017.

In Jan’s memory, her beloved husband Peter has pledged to make an annual gift to the Belvedere Community Foundation.  We are honored with Peter’s trust, and we pledge to continue Jan’s legacy of love and commitment to Belvedere.

View the 2020 Annual Meeting Videos!

Due to pandemic restrictions, the 2020 Belvedere Community Foundation Annual Meeting was held virtually via Zoom on November 19. We all missed the social hour and refreshments following the meeting but enjoyed hearing about BCF’s accomplishments for the year.

A highlight of the meeting was a short video in which the 2020 grantees explained their projects and thanked BCF for its support. Here is the link to that video.  Click the triangle in the center of the link to begin.

We also watched a video featuring the 2020 Photo Contest; click below on the Vimeo link for that video.  When you reach the video screen, click the triangle in the lower left corner to begin.


You can also view the complete collection of 2020 submissions and take a look at earlier contests on this website. Congratulations to everyone who entered!


What A Hoot by Matthew James Gormley

Guard Cat by Linda Bine

BCF Helps the Tiburon Peninsula Reopen Safely

When Shelter in Place started in March, most of us expected it to last just a few weeks. Now that we have passed the six-month mark, we all realize that we are in it for the long haul. BCF is committed to supporting our community through this on-going emergency.

Belvedereans are socializing outdoors more frequently due to COVID19, and safe seating areas are at a premium. Benches are particularly in demand, as people can sit safely distant from each other and still feel connected socially. BCF is funding two sets of new benches, one set for Tom Price Park and the other for the new covered eating area at Reed School.

The Reed Schools Foundation is committing its resources to reopening the schools and has asked BCF for additional support. Among the Foundation’s list of needs are PPE and hygiene supplies, funding for additional staff to comply with state requirements, temporary classrooms, and additional school furniture and equipment to support social distancing and remote learning. BCF welcomes the opportunity to help our kids return to the in-class learning environment they need.

When our schools go back to in-person learning, they will initially use a hybrid model with a mix of in-class and remote instruction. For many essential workers, a part-time in-class program won’t solve their children’s academic and childcare needs. The Ranch has developed Academy Club for the children of local essential workers, combining a “learning pod” approach to distance learning with lunch, breaks, and play time. BCF is providing support for financial aid so that no family will be turned down due to an inability to pay.

The Tiburon Thrift Shop, a local institution for over fifty years, has reopened with reduced hours, hygiene stations, and barriers. BCF is happy to help make the Thrift Shop a safe and welcoming place again. Drop by and see what treasures are hidden in its cases and racks! The Thrift Shop supports the philanthropic activities of four local churches (St. Stephen’s, St. Hilary’s, Westminister, and Community Congregational) and the Landmarks Society.

Finally, no more COVID nightmares!  In addition to its other programs to keep our Seniors connected and engaged during this difficult time, Tiburon Peninsula Village is testing the feasibility of an online stress reduction program for its members.  Tiburon Peninsula Village has been a lifeline for local Seniors, and BCF is proud to keep supporting this valuable organization.

Thrift Shop volunteers Jean Lin and Lisa Choy safely help a customer

Tiburon Peninsula Village has switched from in-person social events to virtual ones

BCF Focuses on Disaster Preparedness

We at BCF hope that you are staying safe, sane, and healthy. Remember:
– Wear a mask
– Wash your hands
– Practice social distancing

Belvedere faces disruption from multiple sources – COVID19, natural disasters, and PG&E power shut-offs. BCF Vice President Doug Patterson formed an ad hoc committee to find out how BCF could help support disaster preparedness activities in Belvedere. The committee reached out to the City and the Block Captains to offer a special summer grant cycle devoted only to disaster preparedness.

The Board approved three grants:

1. Masks: The Block Captains will purchase a supply of KN95 masks to be stored for first responders in the event of a fire or biological emergency. In addition, the Block Captains will purchase disposable paper masks for our police department to share with those folks not currently wearing masks in public.

2. Emergency Gas Shut-off Wrenches: The Block Captains will make these available to households that need them.

3. Ice-Maker: During a power outage or natural disaster, there is a critical need for ice. Many residents have medications that need to be refrigerated, and ice is also necessary for treating sprains, fractures, and other injuries. The City will install an under-counter ice-maker in the community kitchen at City Hall (which has a backup generator) so that first responders have a reliable supply of ice for critical needs.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteer block captains for helping us stay safe.

Our volunteer Block Captains are on the job

Spring Grant Deadline is March 1

Do you have a local project that needs funding? The deadline for spring grant applications is March 1, just around the corner. Use the forms provided on this website to submit your grant proposal electronically. Click on the “Apply for a Grant” box below to get started.  We look forward to reviewing your proposal!

“Sunset” by Andrew Peters

“Island in the Fog” by Chase Reynolds Ewald

BCF Annual Meeting is November 21, 2019

2018 Winners show off their photos

Thursday, November 21, 2019 is the date of the Belvedere Community Foundation Annual Meeting. Please join us at Belvedere City Hall at 7 pm for the annual slide show, photo contest awards, recognition of volunteers, and reception. Sweet and savory snacks will be served, along with a selection of beverages. Oh, and we’ll conduct a little business too.

This year we will enjoy the slide show and photo contest on the City’s new state-of-the-art audio/visual system, thanks in part to a grant from BCF. A new laser projector and HDMI scaler provide a clear, sharp projected image. The City also upgraded monitors used by the city council and other legislative bodies during meetings, and we’ll be able to hear our speakers due to new rechargeable microphones. We’re very excited to try out the new equipment at the annual meeting.


Monitors help council members follow the presentation on the screen

The new projector creates a crisp and beautiful image

Marin Villages Celebrates Ten Years of Helping Seniors

May is Older Americans Month, a perfect time to celebrate the tenth year of Marin Villages’ outreach and support of seniors who face the challenges and pleasures of staying in their homes as they age.  BCF Grant recipient Tiburon Peninsula Village manages a network of volunteers who help Belvedere and Tiburon senior residents with all kinds of projects and activities – everything from cleaning out the garage to providing rides to activities and doctor’s appointments.  The organization hosts a range of activities including monthly get-togethers at Rustic Bakery, domino tournaments, cooking classes, and more.  Most importantly, Tiburon Peninsula Village helps maintain an intergenerational sense of community and engagement that is so important in combating the isolation that can occur as one’s mobility decreases with age.

BCF’s most recent grant to the Tiburon Peninsula Village chapter of Marin Villages helped the organization do outreach to potential volunteers, including advertising in The Ark.  Marin Villages was able to leverage the Tiburon Peninsula chapter’s outreach project to increase outreach in the other chapters, thus allowing BCF’s contribution to ripple out through the larger community.  While our focus will always be on Belvedere, we feel gratified when the effects of our local projects can provide a benefit off the Peninsula as well.

Marin Villages has a series of events planned to celebrate its tenth anniversary, and BCF was invited to attend the major donor thank-you party at the lovely home of board member Sparkie Spaeth of San Rafael.  Tiburon Peninsula Village was well represented at the party, including (from left to right) Belvedere resident Lois Cannady, Tiburon volunteer Matt Masson, Marin Villages Board President and Tiburon volunteer Cheryl Sorokin, and BCF Board member Debbie Fisher.  In the photo on the right, Lois Cannady admires the tenth “birthday” cake, a yummy chocolate concoction.