Golden Gate Lane offers sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge as it drops 180 steps from the 300 block of Golden Gate Avenue to Belvedere Avenue below. The lane was unimproved and was in danger of disappearing altogether until the Parks and Open Space Committee identified it as the first lane to be restored as part of the Belvedere Public Lanes Initiative. Work on the lane was completed in 2020 and landscaping is planned for completion in spring of 2021, after the unsightly power poles are removed.

BCF Board President Sue Hoeschler presented a check to the City on Valentine’s Day for $194,500, the total of a $50,000 grant from BCF and funds raised through BCF from private donors. Play the video above to view our thank you to the 18 civic-minded donors who contributed to this beautiful addition to our community.

BCF Board President Sue Hoeschler and Mayor James Campbell celebrate our community’s contribution to the restoration of Golden Gate Lane