Recent Projects

Belvedere Community Projects
Culture and Recreation

Belvedere-Tiburon Library [  visit site]

  • Blackie’s Hay Day
  • 20th Anniversary Concerts
  • Summer Reading Program

Landmarks Society [  visit site]

  • BCF Archives
  • China Cabin
  • St. Hilary’s Renovation
  • Walk Your History

The Ranch [  visit site]

  • Family Fun Day & Adventure Races
  • Golf Tournament
  • TeenWorks

Richardson Bay Audubon Center [  visit site]

  • Lyford Center Signage
  • Water Bird Festival
  • Climate Smart Nursery

Green Team (Peninsula Pride) [  visit site]

Harvey’s Garden at Blackie’s Pasture [  visit site]


Tiburon Peninsula Village [  visit site]

Youth and Schools

All In (summer camp scholarships for Hilarita students)  [  visit site]

Camp Create at St. Stephens  [   visit site]

Foundation for Reed Schools [  visit site]

Redwood High Safe and Sober Grad Night [  visit site]

Yellow Bus Program  [  visit site]

Peninsula-wide Programs and Events

Fire Protection and Volunteer Firefighters [  visit site]

McKegney Green Restoration [  visit site]

Tiburon Peninsula Chamber of Commerce [  visit site]

  • Friday Nights on Main
  • Holiday Festival of Lights

Trestle Trail Project [  visit site]