How to Donate

For your convenience you may donate securely online using the button below.


To make a donation by personal check:

Make your check payable to the Belvedere Community Foundation and mail it to:

Belvedere Community Foundation
PO Box 484
Belvedere, CA  94920


To make a donation of securities or to effect a wire transfer:

Ask your broker to transfer shares to be gifted via electronic transfer to The Belvedere Community Foundation. Please email the BCF Treasurer at to request the account number and routing instructions.



The Belvedere Community Foundation encourages gifts to fund its operations, make grants to further its mission, and fund significant identified community investments.  In the case of gifts given for a specific purpose, the BCF will use all reasonable efforts to apply gifts to such purpose.  However, absent a specific written agreement, the BCF may repurpose such gifts if the intended purpose becomes impractical as determined by the BCF Board of Directors.

BCF is a non-profit organization [501C(3)].  Donors may use the BCF receipt as a record of a contribution to the BCF for purposes of taking a charitable contribution deduction pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.  BCF does not guarantee that a donation will result in a valid charitable contribution deduction.  Donors are urged to consult their own tax and legal advisors to ensure a charitable contribution deduction is allowable under the internal Revenue Code or any rule or regulation issued thereunder.


If you have any questions about donations please contact us at