BCF’s mission is to help sustain Belvedere’s natural beauty and quality of life by encouraging and funding projects that enhance our community, cultivate generosity, and inspire volunteerism among all residents.

Our current funding cycle closes on March 1, and we would love to receive your request.

Do you or your organization have a project in need of funding that matches our mission statement?  You can submit an application online.  We consider small requests with as much seriousness as large ones, so don’t be shy about applying.  For more information about the grant application process and to begin it, go to our grant information page: https://belvederecommunityfoundation.com/grant-information/

Not sure whether your project matches our criteria?  Take a look at some other projects we have funded by exploring this website.  You can find information about past grant recipients at https://belvederecommunityfoundation.com/projects/.  To see what projects we have funded in prior years, check out our newsletters at https://belvederecommunityfoundation.com/newsletters/.

Still have questions?  Contact us at https://belvederecommunityfoundation.com/contact/

Get Ready! In 2022 BCF helped fund a disaster preparedness fair on McKegney Green