When Shelter in Place started in March, most of us expected it to last just a few weeks. Now that we have passed the six-month mark, we all realize that we are in it for the long haul. BCF is committed to supporting our community through this on-going emergency.

Belvedereans are socializing outdoors more frequently due to COVID19, and safe seating areas are at a premium. Benches are particularly in demand, as people can sit safely distant from each other and still feel connected socially. BCF is funding two sets of new benches, one set for Tom Price Park and the other for the new covered eating area at Reed School.

The Reed Schools Foundation is committing its resources to reopening the schools and has asked BCF for additional support. Among the Foundation’s list of needs are PPE and hygiene supplies, funding for additional staff to comply with state requirements, temporary classrooms, and additional school furniture and equipment to support social distancing and remote learning. BCF welcomes the opportunity to help our kids return to the in-class learning environment they need.

When our schools go back to in-person learning, they will initially use a hybrid model with a mix of in-class and remote instruction. For many essential workers, a part-time in-class program won’t solve their children’s academic and childcare needs. The Ranch has developed Academy Club for the children of local essential workers, combining a “learning pod” approach to distance learning with lunch, breaks, and play time. BCF is providing support for financial aid so that no family will be turned down due to an inability to pay.

The Tiburon Thrift Shop, a local institution for over fifty years, has reopened with reduced hours, hygiene stations, and barriers. BCF is happy to help make the Thrift Shop a safe and welcoming place again. Drop by and see what treasures are hidden in its cases and racks! The Thrift Shop supports the philanthropic activities of four local churches (St. Stephen’s, St. Hilary’s, Westminister, and Community Congregational) and the Landmarks Society.

Finally, no more COVID nightmares!  In addition to its other programs to keep our Seniors connected and engaged during this difficult time, Tiburon Peninsula Village is testing the feasibility of an online stress reduction program for its members.  Tiburon Peninsula Village has been a lifeline for local Seniors, and BCF is proud to keep supporting this valuable organization.

Thrift Shop volunteers Jean Lin and Lisa Choy safely help a customer

Tiburon Peninsula Village has switched from in-person social events to virtual ones