We at BCF hope that you are staying safe, sane, and healthy. Remember:
– Wear a mask
– Wash your hands
– Practice social distancing

Belvedere faces disruption from multiple sources – COVID19, natural disasters, and PG&E power shut-offs. BCF Vice President Doug Patterson formed an ad hoc committee to find out how BCF could help support disaster preparedness activities in Belvedere. The committee reached out to the City and the Block Captains to offer a special summer grant cycle devoted only to disaster preparedness.

The Board approved three grants:

1. Masks: The Block Captains will purchase a supply of KN95 masks to be stored for first responders in the event of a fire or biological emergency. In addition, the Block Captains will purchase disposable paper masks for our police department to share with those folks not currently wearing masks in public.

2. Emergency Gas Shut-off Wrenches: The Block Captains will make these available to households that need them.

3. Ice-Maker: During a power outage or natural disaster, there is a critical need for ice. Many residents have medications that need to be refrigerated, and ice is also necessary for treating sprains, fractures, and other injuries. The City will install an under-counter ice-maker in the community kitchen at City Hall (which has a backup generator) so that first responders have a reliable supply of ice for critical needs.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteer block captains for helping us stay safe.

Our volunteer Block Captains are on the job