Salmon Institute Plans Student Program to Utilize Donated Aquarium Tanks

The Tiburon Salmon Institute (TSI) received a $2,500 grant from the Belvedere Community Foundation for the development of a unique educational program for school-age children.

The California Academy of Sciences gave TSI hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of old tanks, pumps and equipment from the old aquarium when it underwent its extensive rebuilding project in Golden Gate Park. TSI plans to set up the tanks at the Romberg Center in Tiburon and have teams of local children run the tanks with Bay species in each tank. Mentorship will be provided by graduate students of the Romberg Center and scientists from the California Academy of Sciences.

Brooke Halsey, a Tiburon native as well as the founder and Executive Director of the Tiburon Salmon Institute, says, “Not only will the children learn about marine science, but they will gain invaluable leadership skills.”

TSI also runs fish restoration programs and partners with local schools for youth education. Last year the Belvedere Community Foundation donated $5,000 to TSI to fund the restoration of its fish pens which were destroyed in a storm.

For more information contact Brooke Halsey at or at 415-608-6386.